In the spring of 2017, I documented the women and girls of She Fights, a non-profit organization that teaches boxing to teenage girls of color in New York City. She Fights offers free classes to young girls from low income backgrounds in lower Manhattan. The female collective uses boxing as a tool to tap into the strength of women and challenge society’s limiting definition of femininity.

I wanted to show people that I can be strong. I wanted them to understand that a young girl like me is able to be fearless.
—  Cinthia, 14

The visual representations of women and girls in photography have long been shaped by a system that both excludes and stereotypes — showcasing women as objects, accessories, often lacking in agency. This project aims to present its subjects as they really are: diverse, collaborative, imperfect, strong.

This project was showcased at The Gallatin Galleries in Greenwich Village from April 27-May 9th, 2017.

And has been published — domestically and internationally — in print and digital: herehere, here, and here.